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Ann E. Killebrew

Ann E. Killebrew

Associate Professor of CAMS/JST/ANTH

319 Weaver Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 865-1686


  1. B.A. Classical Civilization, University of California, Irvine, 1976
  2. M.A. Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1989
  3. Ph.D. Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1999


Current Research Interests and Fieldwork:

For the past three decades, Ann E. Killebrew has been involved in numerous archaeological field projects, public archaeology and heritage programs in Israel, Turkey, Egypt and Belgium. Ann is currently the director of the Bay of Iskenderun (Turkey) landscape archeology survey and the co-director of the Tel Akko Total Archaeology project and field school, which entails excavation, survey, conservation, heritage studies and public archaeology. Her research interests and questions include: 1) how is identity, ethnicity and ideology expressed in the archaeological record? 2) What are the mechanisms/processes responsible for the ethnic reconfiguration of the first millennium Levant and the rise of secondary states, tribally based kingdoms that appear in biblical and extra-biblical texts, and empire? 3) What is the contribution of inter-societal networks, particularly market/trade systems, in the creation of these textually and culturally defined ethnic groups that comprise Iron Age secondary states?


Courses Taught:

  • CAMS/JST/RLST 012 - Archaeology of Bible Lands
  • CAMS/JST/RSLT 090 - Jerusalem: Past and Present
  • CAMS/ANTH 420 - Archaeology Seminar, various topics
  • CAMS 440 - Archaeology Seminar, various topics
  • CAMS/ANTH  499A/B - Landscape Archaeology (Study abroad in Turkey)
  • CAMS/JST/ANTH 499C/D - Tel Akko Field School (Study abroad in Israel)
  • CAMS/HIST/ANTH 499E - Petra, the Spice Route and Roman Palestine (Study abroad in Jordan and Israel)


Recent Journal and Book Chapter Publications:


Palace 6000 at Megiddo in Context: Iron Age Central Hall Tetra-Partite Residencies and  the Bīt-Ḫilāni Building Tradition in the Levant, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 359: 13-33 (with G. Lehmann).

The Philistines and their Material Culture in Context: Future Directions of Historical  Biblical Archaeology for the Study of Cultural Transmission. In: Historical Biblical  Archaeology and the Future – The New Pragmatism. Edited by T.E. Levy. London. Pp. 156-167.

Village and Countryside. In: The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Daily Life in Roman Palestine. Edited by C. Hezser. Pp. 189-209. Oxford.



Area N North: Stratigraphy and Architecture. In: Excavations at Tel Beth-Shean 1989-1996. Volume III. The 13th-11th Century BCE Strata in Areas N and S. Edited by N.  Panitz-Cohen and A. Mazar. Jerusalem. Pp.   33-71 (with A. Mazar).

Summary of the 2007 Cilicia Survey (Iskenderun Bay Region). In: 26. Araştirma   Sonuçlari Toplantisi 3. Cilt. 26-30 Mayis 2008 Ankara 2008. Ankara. Pp. 227-238   (with G. Lehmann and M.H. Gates).



Early Iron Age Feasting and Cuisine: An Indicator of Philistine-Aegean Connectivity. In:  DAIS The Aegean Feast, Proceedings of the 12th International Aegean Conference, University of Melbourne, Centre for Classics and Archaeology, 25-29 March 2008 (eds. A. Hitchcock, R. Laffineur and J, Crowley) AEGAEUM 29. Liege. Pp. 39-346, Pls.  LXVI-LXVII (with J. Lev-Tov).

The Philistines in Context: The Transmission and Appropriation of Mycenaean-Style Culture in the East Aegean, Southeastern Coastal Anatolia and the Levant. Scripta Mediterranea XXVII-XXVIII (2006-2007): 245-266.

The Mopsos Project: The 2006 Season of Archaeological Survey (Bay of    Iskenderun  Region). In: 25. Araştirma Sonuçlari Toplantisi 3. Cilt. 28 Mayis – 1 Haziran 2007  Kocaeli 2007. Ankara. Pp. 171-188 (with G. Lehmann and M.H. Gates).

Recently Published Books:


One Thousand Nights and Days: Akko through the Ages. Haifa. 161 pp. (co-edited with V.  Raz-Romeo).


Biblical Peoples and Ethnicity: An Archaeological Study of Canaanites, Egyptians, Philistines, and Early Israel, 1300-1100 BCE.Atlanta/Leiden. 362pp.


Interpreting the Past: Presenting Archaeological Sites to the Public. Brussels. 175pp. (co-edited with D. Callebaut, N.A. Silberman, and A. Ervynck).


Jerusalem in Bible and Archaeology: The First Temple Period. Atlanta/Leiden. 510pp. (co-edited with Andrew G. Vaughn).


The Jewish Cemetery at Jericho, IAA Reports Monograph Series, No. 7 (with R. Hachlili). Jerusalem. 202pp.

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