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George R. Milner

George R. Milner

Professor of Anthropology

119 Carpenter Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 865-1268


  1. B.A., Beloit College, 1975
  2. M.A., Northwestern University, 1976
  3. Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1982



Dr. Milner's osteological and archaeological research focuses on the prehistory of eastern North America, especially the late prehistoric Midwest and Southeast. Topics of special interest include the development of Mississippian chiefdoms (particularly Cahokia in Illinois), sedentary Archaic hunter-gathers, pre-Columbian warfare, mortuary practices, prehistoric disease experience, and age estimation methods.



Over 63 months taking part in archaeological surveys and excavations on mortuary and habitation sites in Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Missouri, Micronesia (Saipan, CNMI), and Egypt.

Studied modern and prehistoric skeletons from Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Saipan, Denmark, Portugal, and Egypt; also prehistoric artifacts from Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri.



  • ANTH 2 -  Introduction to Archaeology

  • ANTH 285 -  Culture Contact

  • ANTH 410 -  Osteology (Syllabus)

  • ANTH 411 -  Forensic Skeletal Anthropology (Syllabus)

  • ANTH 423 -  The Evolution of American Indian Culture (Syllabus)

  • ANTH 428 -  Theory and Method in Archaeology

  • ANTH 521 -  Current Literature Archaeology

  • ANTH 588 -  Method and Theory in Archaeology



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